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We are open Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays and occasional Wednesdays and weekends. We offer the following services. Feel free to contact us for more information on the type of massage that may be best for you.


60 mins • $85

75 mins • $100

90 mins • $115

Unless otherwise noted below.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is a combination of modalities used to relieve pain, reduce stress and increase soft tissue mobility. Strokes and pressure can vary from light to firm. Styles such as Myofacial Release or Trigger Point Therapy may be used to release muscle tension. The massage may also include long soothing strokes to encourage gentle relaxation.

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60 mins   75 mins   90 mins

Prenatal Massage

For expectant mothers, this massage helps alleviate lower back pain, swelling and other common discomforts associated with pregnancy. This also prepares a mother-to-be for her natural birthing experience.

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60 mins   75 mins   90 mins

Postpartum Massage

Massage is a very important part of postpartum recovery. This form of massage is designed especially for new moms as it focuses on offering relief from the aches and pains that occur while your body adjusts after pregnancy. Postpartum massage also relieves fatigue, reduces stress and promotes healing while hormone balance is reestablished after pregnancy.

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60 mins   75 mins  90 mins

*NEW* CBD Massage

This massage incorporates the power CBD oil to enhance relaxation and soothe away tense, tight and painful muscles. Your therapist will apply a CBD topical cream to an area of your choice, and includes a 7ml jar of our CBD topical cream to take home and continue enjoying the benefits of this natural treatment! Pricing includes your 7ml jar:

60 mins= $125 • 75 mins= $140 • 90 mins= $155

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60 mins   75 mins   90 mins


Sports Massage

This massage is perfect for anyone who enjoys deep, therapeutic and corrective massage sessions. Using various techniques with meaningful inclusion of muscle stretching, sports massage is essential to anyone with an active lifestyle.

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60 mins   75 mins  90 mins