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Dr. Nancy Tarlow has been a family Chiropractor since 1993. Her passion to be a Chiropractor and help others came after her own health problems resolved after starting Chiropractic care. Chronic sinus and bronchial infections, stomach problems, seasonal allergies, colds and severe menstrual cramps disappeared within a couple of months of beginning care.

As a practitioner, she has learned the importance of getting to the root cause of the health problem and not just treating the symptoms. Because she has seen the toll stress takes on the health of her community members, she decided to add stress reduction and sleep solutions to her offerings. With this work, her patients have seen a significant change in how they deal with stress but also how deeply they sleep. This results in better focus, memory, mood, processing of information, less pain and faster changes in their health!

While living in Asheville, NC, Dr. Nancy became known as the “go to” Chiropractor for women’s health problems including healthy pregnancy and birth needs. She was a speaker at the Asheville Birth Conference in 2002 and 2004, has been a regular speaker for doula and childbirth education trainings as well as a speaker at DIG yoga in Lambertville on pre-natal health. It’s important for Dr. Nancy to look “outside the box” so she takes continuing education classes in nutrition, stress reduction techniques, brain health and more.

To schedule services or a consultation with Dr. Tarlow, contact her via email at  or call the office. 

Sleep and Stress Relief Program with BrainWave Entrainment

Teach your nervous system and brain to handle stress more efficiently using brainwave entrainment with guided visualizations, binaural beats, isochronic tones, theta training.
Per session: $30
With another therapy (massage therapy, Chiropractic care): $25
Comprehensive Consultation: $175

Includes HRV Assessment to determine how stress is affecting your heart rate, brainwave balance, energy levels. Consultation will determine which specific program is best for you, if additional nervous system, brain and adrenal support is necessary (through breath work and supplements).  

Includes a trial session

Chiropractic and Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Services 

Fees vary by type of program that the patient prefers. Services are determined through a phone / telehealth consultation. (no charge for 20 minutes after paperwork is filled in).

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