Skin Care

Skincare and Waxing Services

All of our skincare rituals involve a full body approach to optimize your own individual healing process through intuitive, customized, and massage-based facials. Our goal is to set your skin into a stress free and transformative experience. All of our products are organic, sustainably crafted, and cruelty free. All of our skincare and waxing services are provided by our board certified esthetician, Janine Devanney.

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Signature Facial – An experience designed to address the uniqueness of every skin type. Botanicals, potent plant medicine and a tailored facial massage will unveil a brightened complexion from the inside out. Featuring gemstone therapy, gua sha and lymphatic drainage. Your customized facial massage will be solely based on your skincare issues and concerns.

60 Min- $100.00 /75 Min- $115 / 90 Min $130.00

Mother Of Pearl Prenatal Facial – An experience designed for all women embarking on the journey of motherhood. We begin this with a womb meditation and deep breathing techniques. We go into the facial with a gentle cleanse, exfoliation and gua sha massage. Aromas filled with rose, lime and coconut. Decadent pearl boosts hydration and softens the skin. Revealing a newfound essence of calmness and peace.

*Safe for ALL trimesters and postpartum stages.* 
*Gua Sha facial massage is a safer and more natural alternative to achieving a more contoured youthful appearance.*
*Can improve vital functions and depuffing of the skin.*
*Extractions may or may not be included. Depending on changes within the skin during pregnancy.*
60 Min- $100.00 /75 Min- $115 / 90 Min $130.00

Classic Facial – A customizable facial to refresh and maintain healthy skin. Beneficial for any stage of acnic, dehydrated or combination skin types. Detox, and replenish your skin with restorative and soothing elixirs. Prenatal option available. 

*This service is product application with light facial massage. Does not include gemstone therapy, gua sha and lymphatic drainage.*
60 Min $90-.00

Illuminating Peel – 30 Min/45 Min- Vitamin C and fruit enzymes blended with aloe vera to reduce redness and sensitivity. Gently exfoliates to support skin cell renewal. Visible glowing results with just one treatment. Ideal for rosacea, acneic skin, dry/dehydrated, dull complexions. (All exfoliation, waxing and AHA’s must be stopped 7 days prior to receiving this service)
$90 / Series of 3 – 10 % off $243

Dermaplane – An innovative treatment that removes the top layer of dead skin cells through a controlled scraping. Vellus hair is removed to unveil brighter skin. Most useful for mild acne scarring, fine lines, dry or rough skin and hyperpigmentation. (All exfoliation, waxing, AHA’s and retinoids must be stopped 7 days prior to receiving this service. This is not recommended for acneic skin types)
60 Min $125.00


Brow: $20.00
Lip: $10.00
Brow and Lip Combo: $25.00
Chin: $10.00
Cheeks: $10.00
Underarm: $25.00
Half Leg: $35.00
Full Leg: $65.00

Body Treatments

Self Love Ritual – The perfect experience to honor your own well being and happiness. This treatment will begin with a dry brushing experience. The skin is typically brushed towards the heart, starting at the feet and hands and brushing towards the chest. Followed by an application of our Radiance Body Cream. This treatment will end with your own personalized facial featuring our Sand Desert exfoliator. Sweet honey, sage and cedarwood. Appropriate for all. Allow our esthetician to determine which remaining products are most suitable for your skin type. 90 Min $160.00

*Dry brushing is very effective for lymphatic drainage, circulation and naturally boosting the body’s energy.*

Back Revival – Beginning with hot towels and warm stones, the back is cleansed, exfoliated and hydrated. Perfect for an event, dry skin & congested hard to reach areas. 50 Min $95.00