Take Advantage of Our Specials!

The Ayurveda Facial ~ The Benefits of This Experience:
Helps move lymph and improve circulation so the skin is better cleansed and nourished
** Gently mobilizes toxins and calms inflammation
** Pumps out wrinkles
** Helps to tone, tighten and firm the skin
** Works with the marmas so it helps with reducing puffiness, fine lines around the eyes
60 Minutes ~ $80
Regularly ~ $95

Self Care with Rollers

Add some self-care into your fall! Please join us on Saturday, September 30th for some fun with foam rollers, balls and other props as we explore self massage techniques to help maintain a balanced body. Jen Williams is a licensed massage therapist, a personal trainer, a dancer and a MELT method instructor. In this 90 minute workshop, she will combine her hands-on bodywork experience with her other varied backgrounds and give you some smart ways to use props.

Early Bird Pricing ~ $25 / after September 16th ~ $35
Class size is limited to 6 participants

**Ask us about our Reiki and Craniosacral services and find out
how they may be beneficial to you!!**

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