I have a chronic condition that affects my skin, joints and mobility. After trying several physical therapists with little improvement, I decided to try deep tissue massage… After five months of weekly treatments, my skin is softer. I have more flexibility and range of motion. My doctors have also noticed the improvement. I look forward to my weekly massages. Not only has my overall condition improved, but I also enjoy the relaxation and calming effect of massage therapy. – Linda M.

Diana gives such an amazing facial! She has such an intuitive sense of the skin and an amazing commitment to customer service. She gives specialized treatments to suit the needs of your particular skin type. I have been very pleased with the results. The changes to my skin have been outstanding. It’s fantastic to think that somebody may help reduce your wrinkles and improve the overall look of your face. I would recommend anybody to try Diana’s facial treatments. I look forward to monthly skin care from Diana and know that she is seeing to it that I take the very best care possible of my skin. It is more than just a facial, it is an experience that truly leaves you relaxed and rejuvenated. You’ll be hooked from your first treatment! – Nicole N.

Beth and the Massage Studio are nothing short of perfect. She is an incredibly effective massage therapist who combines overall relaxation with a focus on my specific needs. Beth and her staff are professional and caring, and the entire experience is always enjoyable. With no hesitation, I highly recommend The Massage Studio. – Allison P.

I booked a massage with Matt at the Massage Studio. I must admit, I had never had a male therapist and did have some reservation about the massage. Let me just say that Matt is extremely professional and made me feel very comfortable about the experience. Matt listened to me, listened to what I needed work on and paid extra attention to my “problem areas.” Matt’s technique is phenomenal. He also was keenly aware of how my body responded to massage, and focused on the areas I had asked him to. I felt comfortable and relaxed at all times. He offered great advice that actually made sense. In my opinion, he went above and beyond what I expected. I would book with Matt again and I plan to very soon. For anyone who is looking for a relaxing yet productive massage experience, I recommend Matt without reservation. – Christina T.