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Gentle Yoga

Breathe, stretch and destress with a supportive, non-vigorous yoga practice using blankets, bolsters, straps and blocks. This class is personalized to your ability and is great for beginners as well as seasoned students.

Tuesdays at 6pm

Vinyasa Yoga

Enjoy the flow! This vinyasa combines a series of dynamic, flowing sequences that are designed to increase strength, flexibility, endurance and focus. It is an energetic practice that creates heat in the body and challenges focus by altering the pace and duration of poses. In this class, all students, from beginners to the most seasoned, can be challenged and can find inner balance and peace.

Sundays at 12:45pm

Stretch and Restore

This rejuvenating class will help you let go of your tension and tight muscles through poses that stretch, open, lengthen and relax you. The use of props help to make all positions comfortable and accessible. All levels welcome.

Sundays at 2pm

$15 per class
Yoga Packages: 5 classes for $60 or 10 classes for $100

Chen Tai Chi

Chen tai chi contains both hard and soft motions. It is a miraculous martial art that also emphasizes using the mind to cultivate chi through abdominal breathing. Its goal is to promote good health, to heal or prevent sickness and to achieve happiness along with self defense capability. The routine also contains harmoniously slow movements which characterize its soft defensive nature. In essence, it conceals its offense within its defense. These interchangeable abilities were derived from the tai chi yin/yang theory.

Tuesdays at 6pm

Hsing Yi

Hsing-I is an ancient art of fighting and healing that tunes the mind and body to a finely honed degree. Form-will, body-mind, and mind-boxing are all Western translations of Hsing-I. These suggest the interplay of mind and body as the basic principle, but the essence is missed. The translation should be heart and mind, as it is the heart that controls the emotions and triggers the body’s responses.Combining the heart and body along with the will creates reactions that are more desirable than those acquired without the will. As the mind becomes less conscious of them, the techniques become more instinctive. Often, if the heart is fearful, hesitation is the result. Thus, in Hsing-I, one learns to make the heart turn cold during fighting and calm the emotions as if no one was there. Conversely, during practice one’s attitude should be as if he were facing his top opponent.

Wednesdays at 6pm

$20 per class
Chen Tai Chi / Hsing Yi Package: 5 classes for $80

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