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Saturday, June 25
10:00 – 4:00pm

Outside In: Nature & Immune Support
Glenna Walsh, CHC

Tap into the healing power of the outdoors to boost your mood, increase your immunity, reduce your stress, and feel better. You will learn how the rhythms of your body harmonize with nature to help you feel your best, and take away simple practices that can support natural healing close to home. Register Here

Make Your Own Succulent Garden!
Colleen Rasmussen

Beautify your window boxes? Bring a little green indoors? Make your own unique wall art? A succulent garden can do all of the above – and you can make your own! From instruction to materials, this workshop will provide everything you need – just bring your own container, or get adventurous picking from our collection! Register Here

Essential Oil Oasis
Dr. Frenchy, PhD

How do you get a break from bugs without disrupting your own health? Join Dr. Frenchy, a West Chester-based chemist and essential oils expert in a workshop on the natural power of essential oils (especially as pest repellant for your summer adventures). For aromatherapy experts and beginners alike. Register Here

Healing Herbs & Zia’s Teas
Christina Stafford

Herb enthusiasts, gather! You know tea can soothe the heart, encourage sleep, or ease a cold – dive into the endless healing properties of herbs while enjoying a pot of certified organic Zia’s Teas. Explore teas, tinctures, infusions, and more with Zia herself. Register Here

Registration for any event includes catered lunch from 12:45 – 1:30.

You can register for any one event or join us for a whole-day experience. These classes and workshops will bring the relaxing, health-promoting qualities of nature into engaging segments you can enjoy for yourself or with friends!

The Massage Studio in King of Prussia is fully committed to holistic wellness in every function and service offered. We are dedicated to offering you not only professional massage services, but several holistic modalities that meet your unique needs. We are excited to invite you to join us for pop-up wellness retreats that focus on supporting your total wellness with new modalities, activities, and experts each month.

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