More Than Massage

About Us

Since our opening in 2008, The Massage Studio has been fully committed to holistic wellness in every function and service offered.

Because health is rooted in the mind-body connection, we take great care to offer not only a relaxing environment, but services to support your physical and mental health. Our Himalayan salt cabin can help with asthma, allergies, skin issues, and anxiety, along with brain entrainment to reduce your stress and rejuvenate your nervous system.

We are dedicated to offering you professional massage services that meet your unique needs. All of our massage therapists are Pennsylvania state certified with years of experience. Rest assured you will receive a quality massage from a seasoned professional.

Along with our top-quality massage oils and lotions, our skincare and waxing services employ a range of products that support your health from the inside out. Even the cleaning supplies we use in the studio are dedicated to the wellbeing of the planet and YOU.

Whatever restoration you are looking for, everyone from our seasoned massage therapists to our personal health coaches to our front desk receptionists is here to empower you in your wellness journey. Scroll down to read about the events and pop-ups you can participate in for education, entertainment, and community.

More Than Massage

Because connection is vital to well-being, we want to foster community health along with individual services. Join us for events, retreats, networking, and more here at the studio.

Fall Retreat:
October 1
Next Event:
August 25